Apple launched Magic Mouse 2 in Prime Day

But a lot is different, we have not only become, uh, more interesting and mature for five years, but the times are also more problematic. We thought on March 1st that the incidents the day, which almost led to the game being abandoned, were really bad and would appear in every year in review. But today there is nothing more ardently wished for than full stadiums, even if they offend respectable people. Everything is relative.

What is Magic Mouse 2

Another difference to 2015, which has the same causes as empty football stadiums: iPhones are only available today, from 7 p.m. you can read the details with us . In all likelihood there will be no new Macs for this, Apple is keeping the premiere of the first Mac with Apple Silicon for a later date, we are expecting one another virtual show in November . A mere press release will not be enough for Apple on this important topic.

Apple took this route to inform the public on that Tuesday five years ago when new iMac models were due. The iMac 21.5 inches was now also available with a Retina display for the first time, an older version with a lower resolution was still on offer. The latest generation of Intel core chips was reserved for the 27-inchers, the small iMac. From this alone we can see a benefit from Apple's upcoming change in processor platform: When asked about A12 or A14, you always know immediately which is the newer one, you just have to remember that the A12Z has more cores than the A14 ...

Apple also renewed the peripherals

the Magic Trackpad received support for Force Touch, the Magic Keyboard became flatter and came with a battery instead of a battery compartment - and at a significantly higher price. The Magic mouse also got more expensive, and it also got a rechargeable battery. Apple built the socket for this in a strange position: on the bottom of the mouse. In other words, if the battery is empty again from a lot of mice, you can't work for a while as long as the mouse is connected to the Lightning cable.

That was quite intentional

Not because of the additional breaks stressed office workers get, but because they see the Lightning cable as a connector to the computer so that they can connect the mouse to it. Because what works quite well with the keyboard and trackpad - and has to work more often than expected because of the problems with Bluetooth, especially on the Mac Mini - does not work with the mouse: leave a Lightning cable plugged in during operation. Robust is something else, as iPhone and iPad users know from their own experience, it is hard to imagine how many - or rather: a few - weeks the mouse's Lightning cable would have broken.


Some of Apple's design decisions only make sense at second glance, but that is still not enough for some products. Around the turn of the millennium, Apple said the puck mouse of the original iMac should have been moved with the fingertips instead of the palm, only to reestablish a more elongated shape with the Pro Mouse. The Magic Mouse, however, seem to have understood Apple's customers correctly. At Amazon today they are available at a good price as part of Prime Day.