Top Reasons Not To Use Free Website Hosting

The idea of ​​hosting a site on the Internet for free is tempting. Fortunately, there are enough offers. But if it worked, then why use a paid solution?

So free hosting is bad? Yes. It is a very basic website builder with serious limitations. Of course, they are hidden and not immediately visible.

There are many disadvantages of free hosting, and below we will consider the most basic ones. Not necessarily every service will have the listed restrictions, but some will definitely have to face them.

Slow website loading speed

Providers host a huge number of web resources on one server, which is why it is constantly overloaded. As a result, the speed of opening pages will be slow.

But people do not like to wait long and if the site does not load in a couple of seconds, they will leave it. And this will have a bad effect on behavioral factors and on promotion in general.

Test period with a trick

Some free site providers are not at all. They offer paid plans ranging from budget to premium. And as a free solution, they give you a cut-down version of a cheap solution.

After the end of the test period, a message will come with a request to deposit funds for further use of the hosting. And the amount can be much higher than when buying a paid plan from a normal hosting provider.

Hidden costs

Free service providers want to make money too. To do this, they go for tricks: they provide hosting for free, but they take payment for additional services:

  • FTP access;
  • email;
  • transfer/customization of the site, etc.
  • And the prices are often sky-high.

When buying a paid hosting, most of these services are included in the tariff. And moving a site or setting it up can be done for free.

Lack of access to web resource data

At first, beginners often choose free website hosting. But then they think about choosing a normally paid solution. And then you may find that the provider does not have tools for quick site transfer. You will have to choose: either pay specialists for the move or permanently lose the data of the previous web resource and create a new one.

Forget WordPress

WordPress requires a lot of resources to work properly. But providers are not ready to allocate so much to free customers. And even if you manage to find a service where the installation of WordPress is allowed, the normal operation of the site is still not guaranteed.

The only thing that you will definitely get is a lot of errors and problems. Therefore, if you're looking to host a WordPress website, you better choose a better hosting. To get the most out of this platform, we recommend you to go for the WordPress cloud hosting, this environment offers everything that you need to start and grow your WordPress website.

Traffic limitation

Traffic is information passing from the server to the browser. It costs money and a lot. Therefore, free providers often limit traffic resource to their customers.

Insufficient disk space

Since a single server hosts hundreds of web resources, each is allocated a minimum of disk space. And when the limit is reached, you will have to pay extra or somehow get out of this situation.

Minimum protection against burglary

The minimum attention is paid to the issue of safety. Therefore, hacking a site on free hosting is a trifling matter. And it is not a fact that it will be possible to restore it (due to limited access to important files).

Poor design

You can't use your own design. To download a topic found on the Internet - too. And the set of ready-made templates here is modest, and they look primitive.

Lack of support

If you have any problems with the site, don't expect help. Free providers do not have support services.

The most you can count on is documentation. But you will have to solve any problems yourself.

Lack of optimization for mobile devices

Responsive design is a must-have for any website. But free web resources don't have it. And there is no opportunity to adapt the template either, which is why a large percentage of users logging in from smartphones and tablets will be irretrievably lost.

Prohibition to create e-mail

It will not work to create an e-mail on your own domain - free hosters do not provide such an opportunity. You will have to use Gmail or other alternatives, which looks silly for serious companies. Forget about forwarding letters to other e-mails too.

Plus, on a free web resource, you won't be able to create a normal contact form. Unless you can use the built-in, which is not editable and often has extra fields.


As you can see, there are many disadvantages of free hosting. And this is not a complete list. When hosting a site on such sites, be prepared for serious restrictions on all fronts. And at the same time, you will be constantly begging for money for various additional services. And if you pay, then it will no longer be a free site.