What Are 360º Product Images in E-commerce?

Many times we are seeing a product in a store and it does not convince us: it lacks functions, we do not like the color, the gadgets, or even the image does not really show what the product is like. Today we are going to see how to solve an aspect that, as consumers of online products, also interests us.

A possible solution to the aforementioned would be the use of 360º images, but… what are they really? A 360 image is a photograph (or video) of a product capable of showing it to us from all possible angles, different perspectives, unlike conventional cameras (only visible from one angle).

360º images in the e-commerce product sheets

To increase the user experience in our e-commerce, it is recommended to include different functionalities or aspects that make us stand out from the competition. Among these features, 360º images or videos stand out.

We can include this type of resource in the product file so that the user can contemplate a product or service in all its fullness.

Reasons for including 360º images in the online store's product catalog

Why would it be a good option to include 360-degree images in the product page of our e-commerce? Basically, because of the comments, it would allow users to enjoy the best views of the product, be more detailed and detailed with the description and realism of it. Also, putting ourselves in the shoes of users… What do we think if we see a product with 360-degree images? It gives us security, confidence, they want to detail us what the product really is like, and that they are able to turn to the customer not only in the service but in the elaboration of these images.

The lack of these images is not something serious, because not all of us have the opportunity, time, or money to be able to take this type of photograph. Of course, there are some products that do require or it is advisable to place 360º images.

The uses that have been assigned to these images are not only for commercial purposes, as one of their first tasks was to show what the streets were like through these images. We are talking about the Google Maps service in Street View. It revolutionized the world of maps.

How to create 360º images for e-commerce?

There are basically two alternatives to this answer: create them with a 360 Product photography app or with a special camera. As well as hiring a professional in the sector, due to the rise of this resource in e-commerce, we can increasingly find specialists in 360º videos.

APPs to create 360 ​​images:

If we choose to create 360º images we can use the following apps:

GOOGLE STREET VIEW. The application itself allows you to create panoramas to hang on the page or share it, although we have the option to save it.

SPHERE. It is an application available for Android or iOS devices, this being the most popular among the applications in the store. It allows to adjust the photos and gain in sharpness.

HD PANORAMA. It can be a good substitute for Sphere, being very fast and complete although only available for Android.

Use 360º cameras

Some smartphones allow taking this type of photo with complex cameras (double lens, powerful flash, portrait mode...) in panoramic mode. Even so, it may be insufficient, or we want the quality of the photos to be more technical, that is why 360º cameras can be a good ally. Its price can vary between 100 and 400 euros, the latter being the most complex and of the best quality.

Investing in a 360º camera can be a good investment for the online business if we will be able to recover the amount of money shortly since we must be very sure of the return of it in order to invest. As a tip, say that today's smartphone cameras are quite good for taking the desired photographs. In this way, if we have a good camera on our mobile we can use it as a substitute for these cameras.