What Is Airsoft? Everything That You Should Know About It

Airsoft is a sport that is becoming more fashionable every day, but many people are still not very clear about what it is. Every day it has more use for military and police training.

The Airsoft is a sport that completely transformed our conception of war, to turn into something playful and fun. Similar to, but not the same as paintball, Airsoft is a sport in which a couple of teams dressed in military clothing face off in the open until one of the groups manages to eliminate (or "kill") the entire rival team.

History of Airsoft

This sport, which is based on the most classical military strategy, has its roots in Japan, due to the prohibition on the possession of weapons by civilians that was imposed after World War II. The Japanese began to devise and design pistols that were exact replicas of real weapons, but without being functional, which allowed those who wanted to practice shooting or simply collect weapons, could do so without breaking the law.

This also led to the use of these weapons in war simulations, which were gaining strength and followers, especially in the United States. What led to the growth of this type of dynamic is that it not only allowed the implementation of military strategies but also encouraged teamwork, trained marksmanship, and put participants in real situations without being dangerous for them. Besides this, the training was much cheaper.

Regarding the type of weapon, it evolved over the years. At first, Airsoft pistols worked with spring and had to be manually loaded after each shot, something that slowed down and slowed down the game a lot, so in the 80s gas, weapons were introduced that allowed semi-automatic shots. After these, the electric pistols gained strength that allowed a greater shooting distance.

Airsoft - A Recreational Sports Activity

Airsoft is a recreational-sports activity, in which participants develop activities through the use of specific materials, and which are developed outdoors, or inappropriate enclosures for such activities, games, sports disciplines, and technical disciplines, related to strategy, simulation, tactics, and orientation. The Airsoft training police and for the military is being used to develop higher tactical skills, and manage real-time issues more practically.

Based on teamwork and extolling the values of companionship, respect for others, respect for the environment, and above all, activities based on feelings where sportsmanship and honor prevail.

Activities of Airsoft are regulated by specific rules and regulations based on inflexible safety standards, and the most absolute control of the activities and their participants. In the Airsoft recreational-sports activities, among other materials are used for their development, which propels ammunition (balls) made of biodegradable materials of 6 to 8mm in diameter, and weighing between 0.20gr and 0.48gr. This ammunition called "bbs" is expelled by the aforementioned ALD's with a power that varies between 1 to 3.5 joules.

The airsoft ALD's are 1/1 scale replicas of rifles, rifles, and pistols, but due to their constitution, they cannot be transformed into firearms or similar. There is also a wide world of complements and materials used for its practice, which like the previous materials are replicas of real materials (uniforms, vests, helmets, etc.).

These activities are a bastion of honor, given that when marking an adversary, the only way to ensure that the adversary has been eliminated is the recognition of his status as eliminated, since there is no other possibility since the "bbs" do not leave any mark. Therefore, Airsoft players are required to be honest and sportsmen, because the sincerity and commitment of the players with the rules and regulations depend to a great extent on these activities.

The purpose of the recreational-sports activities of Airsoft is undoubtedly to experience the emotions caused by the atmosphere of the game, as an outdoor activity, while discovering and improving the speed of reaction to the adverse, the channeling of ideas, group work, fellowship, increased speed of reflexes, and improving the physical condition because it is a sport, which requires physical exertion, according to the level of the games.

These dynamic activities, which require large areas, but without a basic need for specific infrastructure, because a field of activities, can be anywhere suitable and authorized for the development of the same.