What Type of Video Surveillance Camera to Choose?

As we already know, technology advances very quickly. New advances are discovered every day to improve the user experience. In the security sector, these advances are reflected in the improvements of smart devices, especially security cameras.

With so much variety, it is difficult to choose which types of surveillance cameras are right for home or business security. The range in which to choose is very wide and doubts are raised about which is the optimal security camera for my protection needs.

Factors to consider when choosing the security camera

If what you really want is to strengthen the security of your home or business, you cannot choose one type of security camera at all. You must study a series of factors that affect your property and, based on the results, choose the one that really meets your needs.

In this regard, a security camera installation Baltimore company, Marvelouz Teknology can help you. They offer installation services related to the security camera and network, and you can help you choose the best security cameras for your business. It would be a lot better to consult professionals before you come to your own conclusion.

In the first place, we must take into account what we are going to protect and from there analyze a series of aspects:

  • How many access points does my home or business have, analyzing here main entrance doors, rear doors, garage, etc.
  • Conditions that affect my property, either based on the brightness of the room, adverse atmospheric changes, level of vandalism or crime, etc.
  • Size of the property and shape of the room, analyze here the blind spots that it may have, maximum distance to record, how the furniture is arranged, etc.

Another important aspect to take into account when choosing the type of surveillance camera to choose is the budget that you are willing to spend. Since, depending on the characteristics and technical specifications of each type of camera, prices vary as does the level of protection.

Types of security surveillance cameras

Once we have analyzed the characteristics and factors that affect the room in which the video surveillance system is to be installed, it is time to choose the right type of surveillance camera. You can choose between two types of cameras:

  • Wired analog cameras connected to a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).
  • Wireless IP cameras.

When choosing between one type of surveillance camera or another, you must take into account the technical specifications offered by each of them.

The most important aspects to assess in a video surveillance camera are:

  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors, that are resistant to adverse atmospheric changes, extreme temperatures, etc.
  • High image resolution, for better quality recordings.
  • Type of vision that includes, night, day, or adaptive to light.
  • Constant recording or triggered by sensors.
  • Focus type, if you only record a constant shot, different preset focuses, or if it has an automatic focus based on what is seen.
  • Digital or mechanical zoom.
  • Type of movement, if the angle of view is fixed or moves in 180º or 360º.
  • Connection via cable or IP.
  • Long battery life or double battery to guarantee its operation in the event of a power outage.
  • Possibility of controlling the security camera through the App of the security company.

Once you know the different types of surveillance cameras and the aspects that must be made of special importance to choose the right video surveillance camera, it is time to know the variety of cameras that you can find.

Analog CCTV cameras

This type of surveillance cameras are safer, although also somewhat more expensive, as they have a more complex installation as they require cabling for their operation.

This wiring sends the data to the control center, so there is no possibility of inhibition. However, they are vulnerable to cable sabotage, although this process takes time and work, and can be discovered before it is carried out since the cables of this type of camera are protected so that precisely if you try to sabotage the camera, sound the alarm.

So that the image does not lose quality, the maximum distance that the cabling supports must be 100 meters. If this distance is greater, the image can be seen in low quality.

The most common types of conventional surveillance cameras for home or business security are:

Conventional cameras:

  • Box: Big, with different lenses and internal wiring.
  • Bullet: Big, with different lenses and interior wiring. Large with different lenses and internal wiring Large with different lenses and internal wiring Large with different lenses and internal wiring
  • Dome cameras: Conventional dome: It is installed on the ceiling, it has a hemispherical shape and its movement is unidirectional.
  • PTZ dome: They rotate 360º horizontally and 180º vertically, they are also installed on the ceiling and the vision is global.

IP video surveillance cameras

The main characteristic of this type of surveillance cameras is that it does not need cables for its operation, but that they work through the internet.

They are easier to install since they do not require construction and are therefore cheaper. The only disadvantage is that they are vulnerable to inhibition since when they run out of internet they stop working. But to solve this problem we have the option of connecting them by cable to a CCTV.