CHCLEG001 Work Legally And Ethically Assessment Answer By Experts

To work legally and ethically, one needs to consider the entire ethical framework that best fits while identifying the requirements of the health workers. If talk about the CHCLEG001 work legally and ethically assessment answer, it is based on various imperative concepts. Let’s discuss how experts approach them that make it easier for nursing students.

CHCLEG001 Assessments Covered by Nursing Experts

The knowledge of students is tested upon how well they are equipped with community services and whether they can deliver it following the ethical and legal frameworks or not.

There are three main types of assessments of the entire course for students. Let’s take a look at each assessment and give you a brief approach to them.

Assessment 1: Underpinning knowledge questions

The first assessment test demonstrates the knowledge of students in all the concepts associated with working legally and ethically.

The first question talks about the common legal issues related to the workplace and the second question asks students to comment upon the Australian legal system.

For the first question, experts identify them as confidentiality, risk management, informed consent, relationship, and malpractice.

And for the second question experts explains it as a “Common law system”, also known as the Australian legal system.

Question: What are the two types of laws? Give an example of each.

The next question is about two types of laws, which are civil law and criminal law.

So, the CHCLEG001 case study mainly consists of similar questions that students need to answer to depict their command over several important concepts in nursing.

Assessment 2: Research Work/Project (Q & A)

In the second assessment experts advise students to equipped with the knowledge on these:

1. Children in the workplace

2. Workplace policies and protocols

3. Codes of conduct and practice

4. Work health and safety

5. Practitioner/client boundaries

6. Informed consent

7. Duty of care

8. Continuing professional education

9. Human rights

10. Dignity of risk

Based on these important concepts in nursing, students are expected to analyze the given case scenario and complete CHCLEG001 scenario answers for this task.

The case scenario has two questions in it. So, it is an obligation to report this situation to the police for the sake of human rights, irrespective of whether or not she is her client. Similar case studies and scenarios are given for this CHCLEG001 work legally and ethically assessment 2 in cases you require CHCLEG001 Work legally and ethically PDF answers.

Assessment 3: Simulation/Workplace observation of practical skills

The third assessment is a performance-based task, in which students are required to record the observations that they have come across in their real-life clinical practice. These experts guide students on numerous experiences which have made it easy for them to complete this final assessment.

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