How to Login to Norton Account OR Create a New Account

Norton account is your personal account for managing your Norton services. You can buy, cancel, and renew your all the service through Norton account. If you already have a Norton account you can log in and install your product, visit Australia for more information. If you do not have a Norton account then you can create an account for yourself. It required your first name, last name, phone number, email address.

What is the purpose of the Norton account?

Norton account is required to manage all the services like installing Norton on your device, activating Norton with product key, activate and renew Norton subscription. With the help of the Norton account, you can install, renew or reinstall Norton Antivirus. Creating a Norton account is a very easy, simple, and only one-time process. After creating a Norton account you can visit Australia to install Norton.

How to create a new Norton account online :

For creating a Norton account you can go to HTTP www Norton com setup and Norton Login or create your account from there. Required information will be the name, email, and phone number. Follow the on-screen instruction and get the account created. Please do not forget the password which you entered for login. The email address and password will be required every time when you log in to your Norton account.

How to Norton Login to your Norton account?

  • Open Australia
  • Type your Norton email id and password.
  • Hit Norton Login.
  • It will open your Norton account on your device. You can manage your subscription form here.
  • Feel free to download and install Norton on your device from the Norton account. If you want to download Norton for other devices then visit Norton setup and it will provide you a session key, which you can use on that device for Norton activation.

How to recover the Norton account password:

As we all know that these days we have multiple email account and password to manage them so forgetting any account password is very common. Hence forgetting the Norton password is also a common issue users face. Norton has a very simple process to reset your password. Go to Norton Norton Login page Norton/setup Australia hit forget password and type your email id in there. Now go to your email account and check for the Norton password link. Open that link and choose a new password for your Norton account.

Now you have your new password. You can log in to the Norton account with your email id and new password and manage your account subscription.

How to install Norton after creating an account:

  • First, open the Norton website Australia on your computer.
  • Type your email address and password.
  • Click Norton Login.
  • Click Download and install it on this device.
  • Click Agree and Download.
  • Run Setup.
  • Click Finish and Restart your computer.

How to reinstall Norton with a new product key from your Norton Account:

  • Uninstall the Norton Security from the control panel. Steps: open the control panel, open the program, and feature click Norton, and hit Uninstall.
  • After restarting your device go to the Norton website for Norton setup with product key
  • Norton Login to your Norton account with your email id and password.
  • Download Norton setup and Run.
  • Follow on-screen instructions and restart the computer once the installation finishes.

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