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Pokémon Sword and Shield, the 8th generation of Pokémon games, are now available on Nintendo Switch. Having received a launch-day review code, TechRadar will be posting a full review in the next week once we've had a little more time with the game. In the meantime, we've recorded our first impressions of the first couple of hours spent in the Galar region below.

At this point in the long-running series, starting a new Pokémon game is kind of like being a kid and going to your favorite soft play area. It’s colorful, friendly and familiar and there’s a genuine anticipation for adventure with every visit, even if you largely know what to expect.

Pokémon Sword Mechanics

It was with that slightly contradictory but intoxicating thrum of excitement and solace that we dropped into the world of the newest Pokémon games: Sword and Shield.

Of course, we got much of what we wanted and expected from our version’s (Pokémon Sword) beginning. As with other Pokémon games, Sword and Shield start you off in the comfort of your childhood home. Here you can run from room to room, unrealistically marching past your massive TV and Nintendo Switch console with barely a glance. Before you have time to get too comfortable, your friend and neighbor, Hop, arrives to drag you off to pick a starter Pokémon and start your quest to defeat all the gym leaders that dare to stand in your way.

For veteran players this routine is a welcome home of sorts, while for first timers it’s a pleasant introduction to the Pokémon world, anchoring you with a home and friends before sending you on your voyage across a vast region. The core underlying gameplay is also largely the standard Pokémon fare. If you like battling trainers and gym leaders interspersed with catching wild Pokémon and training them up then you’ll find that here.

But not everything is exactly the same. For all its retention of many of the small moments that have become tradition in the series, the early hours of Pokémon Sword (and Shield, of course) have also made it clear that this is Pokémon trying for a larger and more ambitious scale, as befits a move onto the Switch. We’ll be able to go into the changes this ambition has wrought and assess their effectiveness more thoroughly in our full review but we’ll give an overview of what we've been most immediately struck by in the first few hours. Naturally, on starting the game you immediately take in how much more environmental detail there is than anything seen before in the series. Stepping outside your home to see the flowers adorning your cosy cottage and the Wooloo gamboling around offers serious The Shire meets Fable vibes. The world we’ve seen so far has personality and in its attention to detail has clearly been created with an affection for the UK it's inspired by. There’s even an acknowledgement of the country’s ever-present class division when you walk from your humble cottage over the road to Hop’s palatial home with its own Pokémon battle court, just after he teases you about your bulky and scruffy second-hand bag.

Pokémon Sword – Game modes

Online gameplay is the basic game mode for Pokémon Sword. Thanks to that, on the streets we will find other players in Palm City, who can take part in the same races as we do.

In the main menu, after we turn on the game, we can choose offline game mode. The only advantage of such choice is the lack of connection with other players. It means that we don’t have to worry about shut down servers or resets. What is more important, pause is available only in offline game mode.