A Guide to Kayaking with Your Dog | Dog Kayaks! Explained

Since 1992, a lot has changed and the industry has evolved. If I had to do the rescue, I would carry an extra children’s jacket, but for now, Frances’s dog has its own solid PFD and fits the dog well. At the time, our pets were sitting on old beach towels, but now I see people with high-tech ski seats, holes, umbrellas, special puppy platforms, and more.

Acclimate Your Dog to the Kayak

Bring your ski to a neutral place where your dog can check. It’s great to place the ski in a yard or park where your dog can catch, walk around, and even play around. It’s great to ski with your dog because it’s so easy. If your dog is sitting in the car, he can learn to paddle in a few minutes to an hour.

Practice Helpful Commands

The keyboard shortcuts you use are very simple, but you want your dog to know how to step safely and securely in and around the water.

Get in your spot

I use this to tell Francis to go to his assigned place. My kayak is the best kayak to sit on, so Frances sits or lies where there is a good flat spot in front of the kayak. To do this, place a familiar blanket or towel where you want it wrapped. You may need to guide your dog a few times the first time, but once it has its place, you are the golden man You can strengthen it with a seat or stand it when they reach the desired location.


This command tells your dog that he can jump off the dog kayaks if you are close to the shore. It also works to let your dog know how to jump and swim. For practice, when your dog wants to jump off a kayak, know his movements in advance and say, well! Treat, caress, or praise.

Leave it!

This is an important command to make sure your dog doesn’t get used to exciting things like a herd of dolphins. Make sure you manage things that get their attention, and if necessary, make sure you’re willing to break their gaze so they don’t jump off the cliff.

Lay Down

Depending on the weather and the boat on the boat, you may encounter waves or rough water. When that happened, I told Frankie, Drop! If I have a very large duck or seabird, I use it. This means that walking to him is no longer an option. When the danger was gone, I hit her and said, Good girl! let him know that the beach is free.

Get in the Water / Get in the Boat

If you want your dog to be able to swim while walking, you can give them a command that they can jump. Just make sure he knows how to enter. Some medium and large size dogs can get out of the water independently, but if they are tired, they will not be able to do so. Therefore, I recommend using a jacket or PFD with a sturdy handle on the back to remove them.

Head Out into Nature

Once you’re sure your dog is ready for a long trip, it’s time to get everything that nature has to offer. Our national beaches, lakes, beaches, and waterways are beautiful and colorful and a real joy to share with your dog. From traveling in nature with Frankie, I learned that our pets and all animals enjoy nature as much as we do. We live together in this country and we are amazed by the things that amaze us.

Since many of our waterways are endangered and there are protected species, you need to make sure you are safe with your dogs and puppies, so if you enjoy being on the go, keep that in mind. hold. keep in mind that sharing is our honor. with plants, mammals, birds, and fish.