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Finding and Pursuing Your Quest: An Interview with Chris Guillebeau

You’ve got big plans. Maybe you want to write a novel, or produce a film, or travel the world. Or maybe you have this sense of yearning to do something - you’re just not sure what yet.

For New York Times bestselling author Chris Guillebeau, that something was to visit every country in the world before the age of 35. But along the way he encountered something unexpected: everywhere he went he met ordinary people working towards extraordinary goals, from biking across continents to cooking a dish from every country.

And he noticed something else: in most cases, there’s a direct link between pursuing a quest and long-term happiness.

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This realization led him to study and document the best ways for carrying out these ambitious goals in his book, The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life

We invited Chris to join us for an evening in San Francisco to chat about quests and happiness. How do people find their quests? Where do you start? When the going gets tough, why keep going? We also asked about his personal journey of building a community and a career around his adventures.

Check it out, but be warned: you may be jumping out of your chair and packing your bags for adventure before the end.

Part One: Chris’s story.

How Chris got his start as a world traveler and best selling author. We dive into what pushed him to travel to every country in the world and how he started inspiring other people to do the same through his writing and conferences.

Part Two: Defining your quest.

Learn the criteria and best practices for a quest, and get inspired for your own. We chat about the reasons to undertake a quest, what defines a quest vs a hobby, and to do if you don’t reach your goal. We also hear some of Chris favorite examples of questers.

Part Three: Jumping in.

Chris shares his most important piece of advice for everyone interested in pursuing a quest. We also chat about potential future quests, overcoming the fear to start a challenge, and take some questions from the audience.