Best Type of Keyboards for Gaming?

Gaming is getting fancier each day. With new gaming peripherals, gaming is also getting better. One of the most important gaming peripherals gamers need is Keyboard. No not Office keyboard with black buttons and slow response time. 

We are talking about Gaming Keyboard that is super fast and looks stunning. There are a lot of gaming keyboards available in the market and you can grab any of those that suit your taste, preferences, and budget. Yes, Gaming Keyboard is not a cheap thrill. It comes in various range and anyone can buy them. There are gaming keyboards under 50 that you can consider buying if you are just starting with gaming.

Here we are going to talk about different kinds of keyboards that any gamer craves to add in this gaming setup. There are 3 major types of keyboards. Full-sized, 75% and 60% keyboards. 

If you are someone who doesn't use Number Keys, you can get 75% or 60% keyboards. They are also known as TKL keyboards or Tenkeyless keyboards. TKL keyboards are best keyboards for gaming as it comes in small size, compact in size, easy to carry, takes less space on your desk, buttons are easy to reach. Moreover, it comes in various colors and RGB lighting.

If you are someone who wants a White gaming keyboard, these gaming keyboards are definitely going to impress you. You will rarely find office keyboards in white color but for gaming, there is a huge range of white gaming keyboards that you can check. 

Gaming Keyboard also has RGB lighting that really makes the environment suitable for gaming and attractive to eyes. You can customize the RGB lighting as per the theme of your setup.

Other than that, there is one more thing and that really makes the difference and that is Mechanical Switches. There are 2 types of keyboards, one is Membrance Keyboard which is mostly used by offices and another is Mechanical Switches which are preferred by gamers, coders, writers as they provide tactile feedback and fast response. Mechanical switches are always better than membrane keyboard because of a couple of reasons.

So if you are in the market looking for a gaming keyboard, you can get TKL mechanical keyboard that will give you top-notch gaming experience.

The last choice you need to make is between a wired and a wireless keyboard. Wired keyboard are great but wireless keyboard gives you accessibility which is missing in wired keyboards. Wireless Keyboard gives you freedom from wires and other hassles that are not preferred by anyone. Take a look at the best wireless gaming keyboards you can get in your budget.