How to Get best Monitor for Gaming?

Gaming has a new meaning now. They have a storyline, fast-paced action, stunning graphics, surround sound, and whatnot. To run such great aspects, we need hardware. A dedicated GPU is mandatory along with other crucial components. Your hardware might be giving the best performance but what if your gaming monitor is not good enough to process that fast-paced action and all you get is jitters, lags, screen tearing. 

To get rid of that, a lot of gamers are now moving towards dedicated gaming monitors. Gaming Monitors are fast and responsive that can process the fast-paced signals from your GPU and gives you a smooth gaming experience. If you are in the market to hunt down the best gaming monitor, this is for you.

Keep these things in mind before you finally pick a gaming monitor:

1. Resolution: The resolution of your gaming monitor can make or break the whole experience. If you are getting a Full HD monitor, you will never be going to experience 4K gaming on that. So before you pick a gaming monitor, choose your resolution. Most of the games and gamers these days prefer to have UHD 4K gaming or at least 2K QHD gaming. For that, get a 1440p gaming monitor The 1440p gaming monitors are best for PC gaming as you can enjoy high-resolution gaming with a higher frame rate like 144FPS, 120FPS, or even 240FPS. 

You can also use a 1440p gaming monitor with Xbox Series X for 120FPS gaming. Check out the best gaming monitors for Xbox Series X These gaming monitors can give you higher refresh rate gaming on a brand new Xbox. There is also an ultrawide gaming monitor with a resolution of 3440x1440p which is another level of gaming. The ultrawide give you an immersive gaming experience and the Picture in Picture and Picture By Picture (PBP) mode allows the display from 2 different input sources. You can see more ultrawide gaming monitors here.

2. Size: This is yet another aspect that can really affect the gameplay. If you have enough space, go for gaming tv. Especially if you have gaming consoles like PS4 Pro, Xbox One X or planning to get PS5, or Xbox Series X, consider getting a 55-inch or 65-inch TV instead of a monitor. Moreover, you can also get 8K gaming on TV. Check out some of the best gaming tv Other than that, if you don't have space for a gaming tv, you can always get a gaming monitor. But make sure, if you are getting a 4K gaming monitor, get at least a 27' or 32' gaming monitor. Here are the best 27 gaming monitor. For those who are looking for an even big size, you can go here and check the list of the best 32 inch monitor for gaming.

3. Curved or Flat: Curved gaming monitors are the new rage and gamers are actually loving the experience. Curved gaming monitors give you an immersive gaming experience at the natural positioning of the eye. This world is round and what we see is not flat. Curved gaming monitors give natural viewing angles without hurting the eyes. So, in order to pick a gaming monitor for you, also try Curved monitors. Curved gaming monitors will definitely improve the experience. Other than that, Flat monitors are old traditions and you can always get one for your gaming setup. 

4. Refresh Rate: Another important aspect to consider before picking a gaming monitor. Refresh Rate decides the Frames Per Second of your gameplay. If you want higher FPS gaming, go for a 240hz or 144hz gaming monitor. FPS also depends on your hardware. PS4 Pro gives a maximum of 60FPS gaming. Getting a 240hz monitor for PS4 Pro for higher FPS makes no sense. But if you are planning PS5 for 120FPS gaming, go for it. PC gamers can easily get a 240hz gaming monitor as the latest GPUs can easily push themselves for higher refresh rates. 

The latest PS5 can go up to 120hz. If you are using HDMI 2.1 port with PS5, you can enjoy 4K 120FPS gameplay on PS5. Check the best HDMI 2.1 gaming monitors that allow you to play 4K games at 120FPS. Both PS5 and Xbox Series X allows you that. Other than that, you will be still able to enjoy 4K 60FPS gameplay using a gaming monitor with HDMI 2.0 port. Here are some good gaming monitors for PS5 you can get for enjoying high-quality gaming on Playstation 5. 

These are some of the basics of getting a gaming monitor. Response Time, Adaptive Sync, Panel are some of the other aspects that can also affect the gameplay. Some gamers like to have white gaming desks, for those, you can go for white gaming monitors with white mice, a white keyboard, and a white headset. So if you are going to get a new gaming monitor on Black Friday or Holiday Season, make sure you know what you really want in your next gaming monitor.

If you don't want to get confused and want a portable and small gaming setup, gaming laptops are made for you. You can easily find a gaming laptop for you. There are gaming laptops for every price range. You can get a gaming laptop for $5000 as well as for $500. For better, professional gaming performance, check out best gaming laptops under $2000 If you don't want to go for that price, there are gaming laptop under $1500 For budget friendly gamers, check out gaming laptops under $1000 and best gaming laptops under $800

Gaming Laptops are the best, they come with powerful processors, dedicated gaming keyboards, IPS displays with higher refresh rates and resolutions, also you can take your gaming laptop with you anywhere you want. Moreover, if you want, you can definitely connect a 27-inch gaming monitor which is an ideal size for PC gaming, or say for gaming as a whole.