Best Laptop in India - Technical Specifications and buying guide

Nowadays Laptop becomes an essential part of our life. Most of our work directly or indirectly connected with laptops. Whether you are a student, businessman, blogger, professional, programmer or like to play games you need a laptop to perform most of your work.

A laptop is an expensive electronics device and serves its purpose for at least 5-7 years. You should do proper research about its technical specifications, features, hardware configurations, customer reviews as well as pros and cons.

Things to consider before Buying Laptop

Whenever you are planning to buy any laptop you need to first finalise your need. if you are planning to buy a gaming laptop then you have to buy at least a laptop under 70000 while for normal use you can go for a laptop under 40000.

A high-end laptop must have 8Gb of RAM and 512 GB of SSD drive. RAM is one of the important factors while buying a laptop, it will decide the speed and performance of a laptop. While the SSD will allow you to store the files on your laptop.

If you are playing more games and like video editing or 3D animation then you should buy a laptop with at least 2-4 GB of the dedicated graphics card. For these features, you need to buy the best laptop under 60000.

While a businessman needs a laptop with a lightweight and better browsing facility. You should buy either a 2-in-1 laptop or a Chromebook. For performing these tasks you should buy a laptop under 50000.

Apart from these, you should also check for CPU, display resolution, operating system. if your laptop has touch screen capability then it will allow you to zoom and drag files easily. You should also check the laptop with USB ports. If your laptop has a Type C port then it will allow faster accessing of files. The HDMI port will allow you to connect your laptop to the television.

These are some measures you should follow before buying a laptop.

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