How to study and work smarter from home in this COVID-19?

During this COVID-19 pandemic, the libraries, colleges and schools are temporarily closed. Most of them are proving the facility of online classes. Students are joining the classes from their home and submitting the assignments remotely. Study at home has its advantages and disadvantages. You may save your time while traveling but you may not get the proper environment for study. There are chances that you may find yourself easily distracted by your pet, family members, the Refrigerator, the TV, roommates, bed and many more. It may require better focus and will power to study from home. In this article, I will help you with some ways to set up a proper environment for study at home.

Establish a dedicated study area - You should create a physical boundary between your study area and your relaxation area. This will help you to concentrate better and more focused on study. You should also keep it tidy and clean. A messy place will more distract your attention. It will hardly take 20-30 minutes to properly arrange your study area.

Establish a routine – It is better to set up a study plan and follows that to get the desired result. You should treat your home like a library or classroom. Distribute your time for sleep, walk, eat and study. It is not advisable to do a hard study rather prefer a smart study. An effective study of 1 hour is better than non-productive 2-3 hours of study. Read good articles and blogs for keep updated.

Take advantage of Online study material and classroom – This is the era of the internet and you will find most of your things on the internet. It is advisable to use the internet wisely to collect your study materials and notes. But use it smartly and you should waste your time on the internet for other things. You can browse websites like Sarkari Results for more online materials and information. Also, you should utilize your mobile only for useful surfing not for entertainment. It is advisable to use laptops for study instead of mobiles.

Eat Well, Sleep Well and exercise regularly – For better functioning of the brain and sharp memory power, it is recommended to have a sound sleep for 7-8 hours. Always take a light meal and complete your sleep cycle. Avoid eating fried food or junk during your examination periods because that makes a person lousy and lazy. Eat almonds and walnuts to sharpen your brain.

Take regular breaks and avoid multitasking – Our brain is trained to job effectively when it is not tired. After a regular study of 40-50 minutes, our brain needs to recharge. It is advisable to take a 10 min of study break after 50 minutes of study. You can do your favorite things like play guitar, listen to music or eat some snacks. You should not watch news, TV or surf social media during a study break. It will be more destructive. If there is any festival like Happy Diwali, then you should enjoy it. It will give you more relax with your friends.

Test your preparation regularly - It is always good to take regular tests to judge where you stand. Sometimes we are focusing on those areas which are not much important while neglecting the important areas. Always do some mock tests, practice sets and previous year question papers.

These are some recommendations to have a better study while at home. These will collectively more helpful and give you desired results.