A Handy Guide to Become a Certified and Professional Thai Lawyer

A Handy Guide to Become a Certified and Professional Thai Lawyer - https://www.harwell-legal.com/

Thailand comprises of four courts. It is prominent for its legal system. Candidates wishing to become a Thai lawyer should acquire a license from the Thailand Law Society. Nevertheless, there are other requirements to be fulfilled to be considered a legal professional. But clearing bar examination, is not a rule, as in the USA.

Thai lawyers’ qualifications

Individuals wishing or aiming to become a Thai lawyer is expected to fulfill these qualifications such as:

An individual should be 20 years of age at least.

Should be a Thailand citizen.

Should hold Associate Degree

A Law Bachelor’s Degree or a certificate equal to such degrees.

Importantly, the Thailand lawyer degree acquired should be from a Thailand Law Society accredited and recognized institution.

Besides, the candidates are expected to have no offending morals, should not have any record of bankruptcy or imprisonment. The candidates are expected to have a notable character and professionalism. Applicants, such as government officials are also prohibited. Precisely, a Thailand lawyer should be in good mental or physical condition to present their legal competence as a professional.

Steps to become a Licensed and Registered Thailand lawyer

To become a Thai lawyer, individuals may obtain their license after completing the legal professional training, essential advocacy principles, and ethics. The Thailand Law Society Law Practice Institute provides the lawyers with required training courses in two terms or semesters.

First-term: The candidates here learn about case conduct theory and professional ethics. A Thailand lawyer can complete the courses within 90 hours.

Second term: In this term, the lawyers have to give their full dedication to practical training. They should work for 6 months at least in law registered office.

Thus, after each term, there is an examination for the candidates who wish to pursue as a Thai lawyer. After the successful completion of the examination and training courses, they can proceed for the Thailand Law Society membership.

Exemption from training courses is given to:

Candidates working as an apprentice with a law firm as a training course

Have passed the Law Society’s Board of Governors tests

Renewal of license

The license of a Thailand lawyer is effective and authorized for two years. However, it can be availed for a lifetime by paying a fee. Lawyers wishing to acquire the barrister-at-law title can take further exams. This is a Thai Bar Association proposed a one-year course that will qualify them as a public prosecutor or judge.











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