Soccer Pick Up Lines

Soccer is one of the most followed and sexier sports out there. This makes Soccer Players extremely desirable by the other sex and their pick up lines that much more effective. Below are some Soccer Pick Up Lines to use on every soccer fangirl ;)

I like Ronaldo but I’d love to get Messi.

You’d better take your shirt off before I take the red card out.

I’m pretty much like Arsenal: I’ll stay on top but finish second.

Up for some action? I can finish with one touch.

I have to admit: you’re more beautiful than the beautiful game.

Baby, in this game, you’re allowed to use your hands.

Do you want to score or keep playing with the balls?

I heard you’re a big fan of Mata. (Not really) It doesn’t matter, Juan to go out with me tonight?

Hi babe, my name is Vicent and you look like you could use some Kompany.

You can call me Chris because I’ve got some Wood for you.

Soccer Pick Up Lines