Awkward Fact About Woke Twitter Trump’s ‘King Tweet’ Revealed

Donald Trump tweeted out Ralph Waldo Emerson, who angered his political enemies on Twitter on Saturday.

The quote was: "When you hit the king, you must kill him."

“You are not a king,” his critics rebuked. But the king of phishing his opponents to tweet it.

Donald Trump threw some fresh hubbub into the water to get his critics spinning on Twitter on Saturday morning. The president tweeted from Ralph Waldo Emerson from analysis for The New York Times:

Ralph Waldo Emerson seemed to foresee a lesson on President Trump's trial to sue President Trump. When the king was beaten, Emerson famously said, “He must be killed.” Mr. Trump's enemies hit him but they did not take him down.

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Commenting on the failed attempt to isolate Democrats, the Times political analyst commented:

His acquittal in the Senate confirmed that the bold president would take his victory and grievances onto the campaign trail, and no longer worried about Congressional restrictions.

There is no doubt that Trump enjoyed his comparison with a king in Al-Saghil newspaper:

Donald Trump Ralph Waldo Emerson King Quote you are not the king of Twitter

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Can Trump's critics even borrow?

However, many of the president's opponents on Woke Twitter seem to have taken the tweets as a serious suggestion made by Donald Trump as a literal king.

Donald Trump, you are not a king

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One of the most popular Twitter Trump users is "Brooklyn Dad". It is a frequent speaker on the hashtags #TheResistance and # BlueWave2020 with just 40,000 followers.

Emerson quotes Donald Trump literally painfully, asserting that Democrats cannot kill the king because "killing is illegal."

Donald Trump, You are not the king's response

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There were also several GIF comparisons of King Geoffrey Paratyon from Game of Thrones. Someone agreed that Trump was a "soft king".

But all the anger seems misleading.

Donald Trump's tweet king

There is no doubt that Trump enjoyed comparing him to a king in the Register newspaper. | Source: AP Photo / Evan Vucci

After all, it was not the president who made the comparison about himself. She was a New York Times analyst. Trump just passed the comparison along.

There is no indication that Trump is literally a king. It is a metaphor.

One can imagine Donald Trump tweeted that he funds his own campaign, which makes him independent of vested interests, because "he who pays Piper calls a tune." And everyone who hates it on Twitter: "You are not a musician."

Trump is the king of phishing Democrats

Donald Trump may not be a literal king, but he's definitely the king of recruiting his political opponents to turn his hills into mountains for his sake.

As in the case of the king's tweet this morning, this often implies that Trump (intentionally?) Hates the misunderstanding of his statements. Or exaggerating its importance or hatred.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said:

To be great is to be misunderstood.

With this definition of greatness, Donald Trump may be one of the greatest presidents in American history. His comments are often misunderstood or removed from context.

Trump appears to be doing well though, and he even goes out of his way to encourage him. Because more Democrats announce their annoyance with the President on social media, the more he senses his base and activates them to vote for him.

His most emotional opponents, to some extent, are Trump's biggest supporters and fans. They talk about him and comfort him non-stop. Like a plane taking off against the wind, he rose to the White House against # resisting all his "fans."

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