Among Us: Player Count and Future News

In November alone, at least 500 million people played Among Us. This information now solidifies the fact that Among Us will be the most played mobile video game of all time. It has even topped the likes of Pokemon GO and Candy Crush Saga. Although Among Us has nothing to prove, lots of people are nonetheless asking when the game is currently previous its peak. Are there much less players playing now? Is what the game has right now the only content material it will ever release? What's the status of Among Us proper now? We don’t know the answers for all these concerns, so let’s lay down some facts.

• Simplicity amidst chaos

Among Us is actually a game that was inspired by the social deduction activity Mafia. Winning in Among Us requires some fairly coordinated gameplay, largely from crewmates. The game is really laidback and is not also complicated at all. Every person has a job to complete but not all of them would be the same. This can be one the factors why Among Us is so fun to play.

• The right exposure

It could be argued that the largest purpose Among Us exploded into recognition due to the exposure that it got from popular streamers. It really is fun to watch, particularly in the event the streamer is playing with his pals and they're all acquiring agitated with one another. Just who the heck may be the impostor? Who left that dead body in the engine space?

• Accessibility

Although it can be played in numerous ways, Among Us is mostly a mobile game. Actually, its biggest scene is in mobile. Nevertheless, Among among us pc on Pc can nevertheless be played even if its gamers only represent 3% in the population. Without a doubt, certainly one of the biggest causes why Among Us is played by literally hundreds of millions of folks is its accessibility. Moreover, Among Us is a cross platform game where players utilizing numerous devices can still play with each other regardless.

• The details

What's in it for Among Us proper now and what does the future hold? So far, here are some details for you. Recently, Among Us is now created accessible on Nintendo Switch. There are already 70 million Switch units sold and because Among Us is quite inexpensive around the device, we are able to expect a number of Switch users to download the game. The subsequent large thing about Among Us proper now will be the upcoming map which is inspired by Innersloth’s other game The Henry Stickmin Collection. This new map, which seems to become an airship, includes a great deal of attributes that are distinctive to it.

We are able to anticipate plenty of items this year because of these items. Regardless of should you are playing on mobile, Switch, or Among Us on Pc simply because the most crucial thing right now is the fact that you will find always new things ahead for the game. 1 thing is for positive though - Among Us is still the greatest mobile game today and for the foreseeable future.