Clash Royale: The Cards of Royalty

Playing Clash Royale means maximizing your tactics and always thinking ahead. If you think Clash Royale is just the fighting, then you are sorely mistaken because the game also has a lot of pre-game components, particularly constructing your deck of cards. What are cards, you ask? We daresay, the cards are actually the key feature of the game. Cards are the only way players can deploy troops, spells, and buildings into the battlefield. Aside from mirror and elixir, the eight card slots of players get filled up randomly.

The entire process of setting up the deck, using the skills, and timing the strategy efficiently all contribute to the result of the game. Noticeably, the majority of the process of Clash Royale online comprises of cards. However, not all cards in the game are created equally. There are weaker and stronger cards out there and they are made for the purpose of not just giving nuance but also adding another layer of strategizing for players. Despite the relatively hard learning process of the game, we’re here to show you what the best cards are no matter what your experience level in Clash Royale is. We did not just consider those with extremely good damage but also those that are helpful in various situations. Also, we have included various type of cards including support, utility, swarms, and the like.

• Skeletons
The number of troops that an army has is a very important aspect of defense and offense. Quantity is also important in Clash Royale battles. Since Clash Royale was released in 2016, Skeleton cards have played an integral part in the game. In fact, we even dare say that they are useful in any deck. There are two things that make this card fantastic: It is cheap and it has the ability to summon a lot of units in a short span of time.

• Hog Rider
When one thinks of Clash Royale, a card that automatically comes to mind is the Hog Rider. Apart from Clash Royale PC , the Hog Rider is also well-known for its ability to traverse rivers as a ground troop. At any point of the game, the Hog Rider is definitely useful because of its arsenal of skills and especially when paired with spells like fireball and poison, or Tornado Hog decks and Earthquake.

• Zap
The Zap is all about how purely powerful it is as a spell card. The Zap is also frequently seen as one of the most used cards in the game. There is a good reason why this is so. For Clash Royale Online of two elixirs, the Zap can restart the Sparky, pause the Price’s charge, wipe out skeleton armies, reset an Inferno Dragon and Tower, and last but definitely not the least, demolish a low HP crown tower.

• Baby Dragon
When talking about support cards, a lot of people automatically think about this one. The Baby Dragon is particularly useful because of its splash damage and high health. Not only that, Baby Dragon is the only air troop that deals splash damage. What’s also great is that it can be used by new players.

• Bandit
Though it isn’t noted for its health, Bandit is great because she is a melee tank that an avoid ranged attack through her dash. Bandit also doesn’t have high defense but that’s just because it can dodge a lot of attacks. Also, Bandit is a focused card that can be a winning piece during critical strikes.