5 Best Antivirus programs for PC Gamers

As a gamer, all you need is a gaming device, good game, and good internet! Today gamers spend thousands of dollars on purchasing gaming laptops to enhance the gaming experience. Enhancing gaming experience is good but you should not forget about security. A malicious game can be a huge threat to your whole device. So, you should always take every preventive measure before you face any loss. One of the most basic preventive measures for keeping your device secure is installing an antivirus program.

Top antivirus programs for gamers

Norton LifeLock

Norton antivirus can be your best friend for gaming. Norton antivirus provides advanced internet security and cyber defense against malware. Many online games consist of spyware and Trojan Horses. When you install the game; the Trojans get installed and then steal your data. But if you have Norton antivirus then you don’t have to worry about these threats. Get Norton Setup with Product Key and enjoy online gaming. Whenever you click on any URL (for a game); if the game is malicious then Norton will alert you that you do not allow installation. Another best feature of Norton antivirus for gaming is the silent mode. Whenever you play online games or watch online movies on full screen; Norton will stop all the alert messages. This feature will allow you to play games without any disturbance. Norton antivirus suspends all the background tasks to increase your gaming performance. Here are the steps to suspend background tasks and alerts in Norton antivirus:

  • Open your Norton antivirus
  • Click on My Norton window
  • Go to device security and hit the open button
  • Go to settings and hit the administrative settings

Turn on Silent mode and click on the Apply button. Now, whenever you open your game or video on a full screen; your background tasks and alerts will suspend.

Bullguard Antivirus

Bullguard antivirus is the first antivirus program that develops special protection features for gaming. You can enjoy your gaming in a secure environment with the help of Bullguard antivirus. Bullguard antivirus allows you to create profiles when you start the game. This helps to prevent any kinds of popups and messages while playing the game to provide a smooth experience.

Emsisoft Anti-malware

Many gamers prefer the Emsisoft antivirus program over other antivirus plans because it has a very low system impact. Emsisoft will allow you to play your game without any disturbance and keeps your device fully protected from all kinds of threats. The dual-engine scanner of Emsisoft detects and removes all malware at a good speed. The 4 protection layer ensures to block all the online threats trying to enter your network. The real-time protection layer keeps all-new threats away from the device.

Panda security

No matter if you are playing your game for 10 minutes of 10hours continuously; Panda security will not interrupt your game and will not allow any popup or messages to interrupt your gaming experience. The main threat to online-gaming is identity-theft. Many hackers or spyware steals your identity. Panda antivirus alerts you when an app is trying to access the application which it doesn't require. Panda antivirus also provides USB protection to ensure that you are not getting malware from any flash drives.


If you want to play online games or watch online movies without any kind of interruptions and good protection then installing Bitdefender antivirus is a good choice. Bitdefender antivirus detects and removes viruses using behavioral heuristics. It not only provides device protection but also boosts your gaming experience.

Some other antivirus programs that provide good protection and gaming experience are Avira, Webroot, Kaspersky, Avast, etc.