How to troubleshoot McAfee error 1406

McAfee antivirus is a top antivirus plan which is best known for its internet security tools. McAfee upgrades its tools and services according to the need. McAfee antivirus product key offers a genuine McAfee plan for your device. Once you install McAfee on the device then it will fully take care of your device. But if you get any error related to McAfee antivirus then fix it immediately before your device gets into any trouble. McAfee error 1406 mostly occurs when your Windows files get corrupted. But you may also get McAfee error 1406 due to other reasons.

Common causes of McAfee error 1406:

You are trying to install incompatible McAfee product

You have downloaded a corrupt McAfee setup

Incomplete McAfee antivirus installation

Windows files get corrupted

Program is conflicting with McAfee antivirus

You have another security software installed on your device

Symptoms of McAfee error 1406:

You are unable to open McAfee dashboard

McAfee error appears while using a program

McAfee error 1406 appears while opening Windows PC

Scanning process gets interrupted and McAfee error is displaying on the screen

Solutions for resolving McAfee error 1406:

Get a compatible McAfee product

If you are getting errors while installing McAfee antivirus then check the internet connection. If your internet connection is weak then try installing McAfee antivirus when your internet connection is stable. Check your McAfee product to ensure that you have purchased a compatible McAfee product. If your computer is not compatible with the McAfee product then you can’t install it. Get a McAfee antivirus plan which is compatible with your computer and then install it.

Fix your Windows files

If you are getting McAfee error 1406 due to Windows files corruption then restore the corrupted Windows files. Windows has an inbuilt Windows file recovery tool to restore all the corruption related to Windows files. Here are the steps for using Windows files:

Open Windows PC

Press Windows button from the keyboard

Type command on the search bar

Hold Ctrl key and shift key

Press Enter button

A permission box will get displayed on the screen

Tap the Yes option

Command screen (Black screen with blinking cursor) will appear

Type sfc/scannow

Press Enter button

Windows File Checker tool will start scanning all Windows files. When it finds any corrupted file; the tool will restore the file immediately. Wait for completing the Windows file restoration process. Once complete; restart your Windows PC and try to scan your device with McAfee antivirus. If your McAfee is showing an error then you should contact McAfee support team for help.

Remove conflicting program

McAfee error 1406 can appear when your McAfee is conflicting with another program. It mostly conflicts with malicious or third party software. You can also get conflicting issues when you have another McAfee setup on the device. You have to remove the conflicting program from the device to resolve the error. Follow the steps for removing the conflicting program:

Open your Windows device

Press the Windows button

Go to Program

Click on Programs and Features

Click on Uninstall a program

Now choose the program you want to delete from the device. Click on the Uninstall button and follow the on-screen commands. Restart your computer and use McAfee antivirus reliably.