What is Norton Power Eraser and how to use it

Norton Power Eraser is malware scanning software distributed by Symantec which uses Norton insight cloud applications to scan the PC. It matches all the programs installed on your device with a trusted item lists and malicious items lists. If your program is in the trusted item lists then it will leave that program on your device. But if any program is measured as bad then the Norton Power Eraser will remove. If there is a program that is not listed on any lists then your Norton Power Eraser will mark it as suspicious. You can use the Norton license until you have the subscription. If your subscription expires then you must Renew Norton with Product key. The power eraser recommends performing the remote scan on the suspicious programs and later all the suspicious program reports will get uploaded on Symantec Servers where it gets measured with viruses and other malicious codes.

Norton power eraser also provides excellent rootkit scanning. The scanning is done after restarting the device to ensure that no viruses and other malware can be left on the computer.

Steps to use Norton Power Eraser:

Open your computer and search for Norton Power Eraser

Go to the official website of Norton and click on download button

Go to the downloads and run the setup

Norton power eraser will take some time

Now open the icon and you will get three buttons on the screen

Click on the setting link

Hit the scan settings

Press the log settings

Click on Network Proxy settings

Now go to the advanced options and click on standard scan. The multi-boot scan will scan your OS and other applications. Now go to the main window and click on the scan for the risks button. Wait until the scan completes and then restart your system. Now all the malicious files get removed from the device.

How to install Norton on your PC?

If you have a Norton account then you can directly use that account for Norton installation. But if you don’t have a Norton account then create a Norton account. After creating Norton account follow the steps given below:

Open your PC and visit Norton website

You will see various plans on the homepage

Select a Norton plan which is compatible to your device

Log in screen will appear on your screen

Now enter your Norton credentials and then you will be redirected to cart. Check your Norton order and then proceed to the billing page. Now enter your credit card or other billing information and purchase the antivirus. The Norton setup will be sent on your registered email address. Go to the setup on your email address and click on it. You will also get a product key and receipt on the email address. If your device has another Norton setup then the new setup will remove it and then it starts the installation process. Now you can easily use all the tools of Norton antivirus including the Norton power eraser. When you purchase your Norton plan, you will get the plan for a year. After one year you have to renew Norton to extend the subscription.

How to renew Norton with product key?

When your Norton subscription is about to expire or gets expired; you need a new subscription. You can renew the Norton plan by purchasing the plan online or by using the product key. If you buy a Norton retail plan for Norton renewal then you don’t have to reinstall the Norton setup. You can directly renew the plan with the product key. Here are the steps to renew Norton with product key:

Open your Norton retail box and take out the card

Check the product key on the card

Open your Norton dashboard

Click on My Norton

Go to subscription and click on activate Norton

Choose the Enter product key option

Now type your Norton key on the given column

Press the Activate button

If you are getting Norton stopped working errors then it means you have entered the wrong key. You should always check the key before you press the activate button because if you enter your product key wrong several times then your account may get blocked temporarily. So you have to enter the correct key and then press the activate button. Now, wait until you get the next screen. Confirmation message will appear on your screen. Now go to the subscription page and check whether your Norton plan gets extended for the next year or not. You should always restart your computer after renewing or updating Norton antivirus. Now click on the Norton icon from the screen and click on system scan from the dashboard. Norton antivirus will remove all the malware from your PC and make your computer safe and sound.