Upgrade Your Home With Contemporary Flush Doors

Are you tired of looking at your old rusty doors that have outdated designs and are on the verge of breaking down, chipped from its ends, have abrasions or holes, or have been attacked by termites? Worry no more, because flush doors have come to your rescue!

Here Is All You Need To Know About Flush Doors.

Internal flush doors have been regarded as the trending doors of 2020 by interior design experts. These doors not only complement your home with its sophisticated designs and sublime look but also fulfills the primary function – durability and safety. This is the reason why designers corroborate for installing flush doors because they are lightweight, lasts long, and pocket friendly. They can be used for both residential and commercial purposes at a low cost.

Flush doors are constructed very simply. They are crafted from a single piece of wood and are typically flat from both sides. The plain shutters are easy to maintain and clean as there are no carvings or grooves in which the dust can accumulate. These doors usually have a veneer or laminate finishing which makes it easier in wiping out any blemishes. Smooth surface is often made by sandwiching Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and plywood above light timber frame that is chemically treated to ensure superior quality. The hollow part in between the doors is filled by either cardboard or hardwood.

Why Should You Select Flush Doors Instead Of Traditional Ones?

Unlike conventional doors, flush doors have unmatched resistance to stains, scratches, termite attacks, and fungi. High quality seasoned timber and solid core ensures that the flush door remains durable and doesn't require periodical maintenance. Besides, these doors are also heat and waterproof thus making them an ideal choice for your home.

Flush doors are less expensive since their construction doesn't require a lot of intricacies. The compact design of flush doors gives an appealing space-savvy look to your interior, hence elevating the beauty of your home. These doors can be used as an exterior door, however, they are most popular as an interior door. From most cutting edge patterns, styles, and colors to real wood veneers, internal flush doors can match with almost any kind of interior design because of its unique feature of being blending in with the surrounding texture and colors of the room.

By applying the same wallpaper or paint as the surrounding walls and installing a flush doorframe, it will look as if the door is hidden once closed, thus drawing your attention to other features in the room.

3 Types of Flush Doors to Choose From.

1. Solid Core Flush Door

They are also known as laminated flush doors made from hard timber and as the name implies these doors have solid blocks of wood inside ensuring better soundproofing. These doors are most popular and mainly used as an exterior door because they are heavy, require more material, and have better sound insulation.

2. Hollow Core Flush Door

These doors are hollow from inside but with a honeycomb support system, which is why they are lightweight and not as strong as solid core flush doors.

3. Stave Core Flush Door

They are made from several wooden slats that are stacked upon one another. They are stronger than hollow core flush doors. These are mainly used for living rooms and bedrooms

So break away from tradition and choose hassle-free, easy to install flush doors that can be tailored to any kind of design from being deceptively simple to lavishly extravagant. This is an investment for your home which will last a lifetime!