XFyro ARIA Wireless Earbuds Review: A Big Leap Forward For Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds have always been a tough choice. Sometimes they’re the most preferred choice of those who want to commute their friends from their office, but not perfect for athletes. And, it might be either too costly to purchase wireless earphones from brands like Samsung, Apple, Sony or may be worthless, if you go for cheap AirPods available in the market. However, we found some relaxation in price with the Samsung Galaxy Buds, but that was a bit expensive too at INR 9,990/US $133 for average people planning to invest in truly wireless earphones.

Then this audio company, namely, ‘xFyro’ appears with a revolutionary ARIA Wireless Waterproof Earbuds. The company launched perfect truly wireless earbuds for the people who want high-end features without spending so much, but at the same time they don't want to compromise on the quality. It could be a little tough for other companies like Realme or Noise, but xFyro did it quite well with it’s ARIA True Wireless Earbuds. We have found earbuds a little miss or hit because sometimes they’re comfortable, but not portable. Despite hundreds of unbiased tests, these xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds are much better than similar audio equipment in the market. Here's a full review and everything that the company doesn't tell you.

xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds

Well, there are thousands of ways of building earbuds. A few of them may be better than others, some may have better features, and some may have different designs. But, xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds are distinctly different and better than other available audio equipment in the market. If we talk about comfort and portability then these are the best earbuds on the market right now. And, these amazing earbuds come up with a small and compact charging case.

We’ll talk about the built & design and quality later, but from a technical point of view, xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds was designed with some of the best customer-centric technologies and features that you can pack into a pair of earbuds these days. These customer-friendly features include Bluetooth v5.0, high-end waterproofing, best-in-class long lasting battery, and a range of AI features.

XFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds are so light in weight that you can keep them in for the whole day. Though it doesn’t include audiophile equipment, it doesn’t matter because it’s not a good idea for the short-lived nature of such gadgets. Aria Wireless Earbuds are as simple as everybody loves and represents a modern point of entry for wireless earbuds. Of course, it is the point where you wouldn’t think twice before spending a reasonable amount of money on features. These are just perfect and attractive to a lot of people. 

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