Remove FRP Lock For Free - Google Bypass APK

Now this can be another quick fix to the problem that also involves a third party app. We are talking about Google Bypass APK, which is a free APK file that helps you unlock the FRP lock on many ZTE devices. You will only need to have an additional flash drive as well as an OTG cable if you opt for this method. One more thing to note is that this tool only works on some of the older versions of ZTE phones. The latest phones may not support this app as the Android OS is securing itself day by day.

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Operation method of Google Bypass APK for ZTE FRP bypass

  • First download the APK file to the flash drive.
  • Connect the locked ZTE phone to that flash drive now with the help of the OTG cable.
  • After the connection is established, the File Manager folder will appear on the PC interface. Click on the folder and then choose the APK file to install it on the connected phone.
  • Open the APK file that will allow you to access the phone settings.
  • Click on the factory reset settings option, and it is from here that the FRP bypass will be done once the factory reset is done.

Disadvantages of the method

  • You will need many items such as a PC, a flash drive, and an OTG connector cable to perform this method here.
  • The app will not work for all phones as it is only compatible with some ZTE phones.
  • It is a complicated process to install the APK file on a flash drive, and so is operating the application to access the phone settings.

The simplest hack for ZTE FRP Bypass

This is another free trick that ZTE FRP bypass can achieve. Follow these steps:

1. Turn on the ZTE Z982 device and go to the welcome screen.

2. Here, log in to a Wi-Fi connection.

3. Once Wi-Fi is on, press Back to return to the welcome screen.

4. Press and hold the main screen and the Exit and Next options will now appear at the bottom of the screen.

5. Press twice on the Exit option .

6. Now, you have to make a large L-shaped pattern on the screen starting from the top left, pulling towards the bottom and then going towards the bottom right of the screen.

This method works but it is quite complicated. Another downside of this hack is that you can bypass ZTE FRP only on ZTE Z982 devices.

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