5 Best Applications to Download WhatsApp Status

Welcome to this opportunity, I am going to do a little analysis of the best Android apps to download WhatsApp status. They allow you to download the WhatsApp status of your contacts. Surely, if you have already searched on your own, you will have noticed the most apps. The apps appear in the Google play store and say they do this. Because they are simply a fake that's why I decided to do this ranking.

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In this article, we are going to select the free applications. The apps are easy to use and that do not present a risk of downloading them. We will see each function of these apps downloading the videos of the WhatsApp status or just the photos. Noted that, in the last November, WhatsApp has added a new feature in group chat privacy setting. Actually, this setting allows all users to choose who can add them to group chats.

However, you should keep in mind that WhatsApp stories or status are only available for 24 hours. So, sometimes it may be convenient to download the status to retrieve them later or in the future. In order to save this status, there are hundreds of applications in Google Play Store. But some work 100% only, let's see what they are.

5 Best Android Apps to Download WhatsApp Status (2020)

Status Saver

We started with what in my opinion is one of the best applications to save status. It is thanks to the different functions that this application offers. For example, you can download several statuses with just one click. Select all the status that you want to save. Click on 'download' will all be downloaded in one fell swoop.

You can download photos and videos in HD. You can also create a gallery with all the downloaded files to share them on your social networks later. This app has more than 1 million downloads and is only 5 Mb in size, without a doubt. It is perfect for the task required.


Secondly, we have WAMR that allows you to recover the messages deleted from our conversations and download WhatsApp status. I decided to add this application to the ranking since it has extra functionality. The app is to recover deleted messages from your WhatsApp contacts.

It is an application that does not require registration and is completely free. So, there are two aspects to favour. It also allows you to create a gallery with all the status you have downloaded. The Google Play file explains the function of retrieving messages. I invite you to visit it from the following link.


We reached the number three position in our Top of applications; in this place, I will mention this app for android that has more than 500 thousand downloads in the Google play store. It allows you to download photos or videos from WhatsApp status so you can access them offline even after 24 hours of downloaded.

It is very simple to use that is another important aspect to highlight of this fantastic application, to use it just click on the download button or icon that appears next to each state. People will never know that you have downloaded their status and you can share them with groups or other chats.

Whatsave for Android

This WhatsApp status downloader we include in step number four thanks to its “material design” design that gives it a great look, in addition to its functionality it looks good and that is a point in its favour. As the main feature we can mention that it allows having a preview of the status before publishing or sharing them.

Like all the tools above, this one also needs you to view or access your contact's status first before allowing them to download. It is a very light application that only weighs 3 Mb and already has more than 100,000 downloads.

State Keeper

We come to the last item on this list. It is a photo, HD video and gif keeper of WhatsApp status. One option that I really liked about this application is that it has a “republish” button that allows us to replicate the status of our contacts in a quick and easy way.

Also, another interesting feature is that you can download all the status at the same time with just the click of a button. It is very practical if what you are looking for is to steal all the status of your contacts. We hope if all the previous options did not convince you, this is the definitive one.

How to download a WhatsApp status?

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Although we believe we have cleared enough in the individual explanation of each of the applications mentioned above. We will explain step by step how the process we must follow to correctly download the photos and videos of the status.

  • Enter the WhatsApp app and view the status completely that we want to download.
  • Enter the WhatsApp app and view the status completely that we want to download.
  • Open our app to save status and it will show the status available for download.
  • Give "download" to the specific state that we want to save on our phone.
  • Close the app or continue with this process with all the status we want to save.

As we can see it is very easy to carry out this process. Always remember to have the author's permissions to make this material on your device, especially if you plan to share it later with other users.

However, for expanding small businesses, WhatsApp has launched a shopping catalogue feature in its messaging app in last November. This feature works as e-commerce tools.

How does these Applications work?

We are going to try to explain in a simple way what is the principle of operation of these applications, in reality, it is not something too complex but for those people who do not have any prior knowledge, it may be somewhat difficult to understand. In addition, we will see what are the moral conditions that you must follow to avoid problems when using these apps.

Have the permission of your contacts

One of the most important aspects that you must take into account before starting to use an app to download the status of your contacts is precisely to request permission from them to download that content. If the content is personal, we recommend that you first consult that person and can save that photo or video on your device.

This can avoid future headaches or save you from misunderstandings with the other party. Sometimes, something that may seem harmless to us can turn out to be important to our friends. So, ask your contacts for permission to download their statuses.

All the applications on the list have a common feature. They need you to first see the status within WhatsApp and then be able to download them to your device. This has an explanation and is due to its principle of operation. While viewing a contact status, temporarily "download" to a location on our device.

What these applications do is access the temporary folder where these files (images and videos) are stored and allow them to be saved in another location where they will not be deleted after time, since the temporary folders are erased from time to time.

  •  Frequently asked questions

What is the best application to download WhatsApp status?

Status Saver is one of the best apps to save the WhatsApp status of your contacts on your mobile phone for free and without registration.

Why can't I see WhatsApp status?

This can be for different reasons. One of them is that your contact has their private status and they can only be seen by those people that they want, they may also have blocked you.


As you could see, there are thousands of applications that promise to fulfil this purpose and sometimes it is difficult to know which ones work correctly, which do not. We hope we have shed a little light on the matter and helped those who needed it.

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