6 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System during Coronavirus Pandemic

Immune system can play a very important role in the coronavirus pandemic. It is responsible not only for defeating the virus but also for containing its spread. It has always been believed that this task is only a routine of food, but there are other habits that directly influence our body and that we often overlook.

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Bangladesh is witnessing a growing number of deaths and coronavirus cases. As of today (May 15, 2020), the death toll in the country stood at 283.

So, we should be more careful about our health, especially during this Ramadan. Drinking plenty of water and eating hydrating foods between iftar and suhoor meals is good for health, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). High temperatures can also make you sweat more, so it is important to drink fluids to replace what you lose during the day (at least 10 glasses).

Here I will give six ways to boost your immune system in a natural way during the coronavirus pandemic.

Should We Change the Way of Eating Food due to the Covid-19 Pandemic?

In these times, it is essential to keep in mind that an appropriate diet contributes to generating a good immune system. And having good defences is essential at this juncture. Without a doubt, vitamin C is very important in this regard, but what really helps the most is a balanced diet. There is no certain food that is best to have an adequate immune system. What is needed is a balanced diet?

1. Healthy and Balanced Diet

This is basically, in consuming all the food groups. We must ensure that we consume energy builders and regulators. The former, as the name suggests, provide energy. We find them in cereals, fats, tubers, and sugars.

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Builders are proteins, including meats and eggs. In the case of children, they help them to grow, while in adults they help the skin to regenerate and transport nutrients. Regulators, on the other hand, keep the body healthy and are made up of fruits and vegetables.

If you eat unhealthy food and drink little water, your immunity will collapse. On the other hand, if you eat a balanced diet and drink a minimum of 2 litres of water daily, your immune system will be strengthened.

The most recommended foods to raise the immune system are those that contain high amounts of vitamins or iron, such as fruit, vegetables, nuts and legumes.

In addition, there are teas and infusions such as echinacea that are very beneficial to increase our immunity and cleanse the body.

2. Activate Blood Circulation

The white blood cells that circulate in our blood have a fundamental role in the functioning of our defences.

That is why it is recommended to activate its production through the temperature of the water. When you take a shower, alternate cold water with hot water to stimulate and improve blood circulation.

3. Exercise and Physical Activity

It is not necessary to run a marathon to strengthen our immunity (it is also impossible at the moment) due to Covid-19 crisis. So, just avoid inactive lifestyle.

Walk, stretch, do some basic exercise routine at home. Any type of physical activity can make a difference in our body.

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4. Role of Water

Staying hydrated is very important. It is necessary to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water in a day. The rest of the liquids will be tea or milk, always low in sugar. We must also highlight the value of rest. It is not always given importance, but necessary to sleep from seven to eight hours a day. In this way, we can collaborate with the immune system. A person with a balanced diet, but with inadequate rest, surely has a diminished immune system.

5. Rest and Relaxation

When you say that a good rest is the best medicine, you don't lie at all. Sleeping 7-8 hours per day will help our body strengthen itself at night.

It is also advisable to dedicate 15-30 minutes in a day to perform some kind of relaxation routine. For releasing stress, you can do breathing exercises, meditation and aerobic exercises.

6. Hygiene Maintaining

Washing hands has become an almost common work in recent days due to the coronavirus outbreak. In fact, maintaining personal hygiene has become one of the most important barriers against the preoccupation of viruses and bacteria in our bodies. To protect yourself from coronavirus, it is very important to maintain hygiene properly.

So, keep your hands, eyes, and mouth clean as much as you can. Not just with showers but wash regularly during the day.

The most important thing is that everyone follows a healthy and balanced diet to survive with this pandemic, boost the immune system and move on. Keep in mind that you can always catch a cold. But if you have a balanced diet, then your flu, which is a viral process, will not be as strong. Covid-19 is not like the normal flu, but it is a ‘horrible virus’ too, and it demands an extra effort on our part to boost the immune system.

Physical Activity

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