Expectation for Among Us this 2021

In November, half a billion people have been recorded to play Among Us. This data now solidifies the fact that Among Us is the most played mobile video game of all time. It has even topped the likes of Pokemon GO and Candy Crush Saga. Even though Among Us has nothing to prove, a lot of people are still asking if the game is already past its peak. Is among us free dwindling? Will we have even more content in the future? What is the future of Among Us? We don’t know the answers for all those questions, so let’s lay down some facts.

• Simplicity amidst chaos

Among Us is a game that was inspired by the social deduction activity Mafia. To be successful in the game, there must be teamwork from all. What is great about the game is its straightforward objectives. Even though everyone has roles, not all are tasked with the same things. This is one of the things that make Among Us so compelling to play.

• The right exposure

It could be argued that the biggest reason Among Us exploded into popularity because of the exposure that it got from popular streamers. It is fun to watch, especially if the streamer is playing with his friends and they are all getting agitated with each other. Just who the heck is the impostor? Who was the last person in the engine room?

• Accessibility

Among Us is, by and large, a mobile game. In fact, around 97% of its players are on mobile. The total number of Among Us on PC players might be small, but it is still a great device to play in. It can be said without much ado that the accessibility of Among Us grants it a lot of players. Also, Among Us is cross platform so players don’t have to worry about playing with a small population since all players will meet regardless of where they play.

• The facts

What is in it for Among Us right now and what does the future hold? This is what we know about the game as of this moment. First, Among Us has recently been released on Nintendo Switch. There are already 70 million Switch units sold and since Among Us is pretty affordable on the device, we can expect a number of Switch users to download the game. The next big thing about Among Us right now is the upcoming map that is inspired by Innersloth’s other game The Henry Stickmin Collection. This new map resembles an airship and it has a lot of interesting features that we are yet to see.

These new things are bound to give Among Us a lot of new players this year. No matter if you are playing on mobile, Switch, or Among Us on PC because the most important thing right now is that there are always new things ahead for the game. There are definitely a lot of questions right now but one thing is for sure, Among Us will still be among us for a long time to come.