6 Common Landing Page Mistakes Costing Your Conversions

Landing page is a lead-generating machine that benefits almost all types of businesses. If designed well, it can get you a huge amount of customers that you might not be aware of. This is the reason that companies who are well educated about its potential invest a considerable amount of time designing it nicely. But throughout the process, sometimes they overlook the importance of some elements which translates into lesser user engagement.

If you are familiar with what role a landing page plays, you probably know how imperative task it is to craft a concise and effective headline, a solid CTA, easily readable fonts, simple navigation, and all. There is no denying the fact that most people in today’s world are on the go and you have just a few seconds of them to grab attention. If you fail there, most likely you will fail in expanding your clients base. Be mindful, it’s necessary for your landing page to get a professional touch in every area, be it the layout, copy, or forms. If your visitors-focused page is weaker in any of these departments, chances are good you won’t achieve a high-conversion rate.

In today’s blog, we will see six expensive landing page mistakes that can hurt your conversions. But before you are immersed in the story underneath, I would like to eat up your few seconds to introduce you to a consumer-driven web design company in Los Angeles - SFWP Experts. Garnered the worldwide recognition for offering result-oriented website development and digital marketing services, this is the organization you should count on to meet your brand needs. They have proven experience working for top firms around the world and increasing their conversion rate just as they expected.

With that coming at rest, let’s take a deep dive into terrible landing page mistakes affecting your conversion rate.

6 Deadly Landing Page Mistakes Dropping Your Conversions

Mistake 1 - Not putting Clear CTA On Your Page

The words you include in your CTA has a major impact on visitors and thus the conversions. For instance, a button that says “click here” or “submit” tends to draw less attention than one sounding like “Get Your Free eBook” or “Get Your Free Trial”. It’s because what people see, they form an impression about it and your CTA is no different. Therefore you need to invest in good copywriting services to engage your visitors and convince them to take the action you want.

The rule of thumb is always be specific with your CTAs and that’s what going to extract more conversions.

For example, have a look at Spotify’s CTA and see how impressive it is:

Mistake 2 - Not Making Your Forms Conversion-Centric

Note that not every person coming to your landing page is fully prepared to make a purchase. They might be just browsing the internet for information acquisition and came across your page that suits their needs. Once they are interested, they might want to fill your form for further communication. But if your form has a dozen fields, they are more likely to ignore it and you could lose out a chance to get their business.

For this reason, you need to make sure that your form has fewer fields (two or three) to capture visitors’ information. Usually, a name and an email address field is enough since they take up less time to fill and most users can free up some seconds for that. Following this recommendation should instantly improve your conversion rate and grow your customers list faster.

Below you can see a great example of conversion-focused signup form from Vimeo:

Are you looking to hire an agency for creating a concise yet appealing web form? Well, we fit your purpose and can meet your end goal if you collaborate with us. We have been in the web design and development industry for over a decade, so our Los Angeles web design company has enough experience to deliver all manner of website related services that you might need.

Mistake 3 - Not Having An Uncluttered Design

Users don’t like to search too much for information, so it’s critically important for you to place everything on your website in an easily noticeable location. That means you need to have a simple and easy to use navigation on your site that lets viewers find anything they want immediately. Whether it’s about your CTA or the button to download a free resource, everything should be positioned in easy-to-find places. The fact of the matter is having a neat and clean landing page results in better conversion rate.

See how CTA on Shopify’s landing page is easily viewable at a glance:

Mistake 4 - Not Making Your Landing Page Load Faster

Slow page load time is the key factor that could turn off 90% of your visitors. And no wonder then they will switch to your competitors’ site without having a second thought. According to studies, a large portion of your visitors could abandon your site if it takes more than three seconds to load. That means, the more your site delays to open, the more customers you are going to lose to your competition.

An optimal solution you can choose to deal with this issue is to use tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights. It lets you test the speed of your site on different devices like desktop, smartphone, and tablets. That’s not all, it also helps you find out what you can do to improve your website speed for better performance.

Do you have a slow-loading landing page? Is it killing your conversions? We can optimize your website for faster loading if you assign your project to us. The time we spent in this field has taught us how to make websites load quicker without compromising with the images and videos quality on your page. With our Los Angeles web design company, you can be rest assured about getting surprising results, be it in terms of boosting your visitors count or the conversion rate.

Mistake 5 - Not Having A Compelling Title

Headlines are an integral part of the landing page, so make sure it is attention-grabbing. Having poor headlines on your landing pages doesn’t convince your visitors to convert, so you could lose a big score there.

To get a reference of how it should be, you can give a look to Slack’s headline that’s clear and captivating.

As far as the matter of making your headline user-optimized goes, you can summarize your offerings in a few powerful words without including jargons. Remember when your headline is written in a plain and simple language, it is more approachable for visitors.

Mistake 6 - Not Optimizing Your Landing Page For Mobile Devices

In the current scenario, you can’t ignore the fact that mobile users are increasing worldwide with each passing day. This is why Google has also announced that they will give preference to mobile-friendly web designs in their search rankings. It means your landing page should be mobile responsive, else you won’t be able to gain higher conversions.

A good starting point for doing this is to optimize your images and videos in such a way that it renders well on portable devices, be it a mobile or laptop.

Below you can see how BuzzFeed’s homepage is made responsive for small and big devices both:  



So, if you are getting lesser traffic from smaller screens like mobiles and tablets, approach our Los Angeles web design company today. We will check out whether your website is properly displaying on smartphones or not and then make it compatible for those machines if required.

Identify And Correct Your Landing Page Mistakes Now

I hope the content above made you familiar with the dangerous landing page mistakes and how you can avoid them. If you have comprehended it well, you should review your landing page now and see if it has any of these issues. In case you find one whose perfect fix is not available with you, turn up to our one stop Wordpress website design company and we will definitely help. 

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