Top 5 WordPress Themes For WooCommerce That Grabs Attention Instantly

Every business has a website nowadays that reflects what they do, how they do, and why they do. This is because people want to know about a company thoroughly before they finally make a purchase from them. So to help you convey your message effectively, themes play a major role in your website development. Because themes are actually a direct difference-maker to the look and feel of your website that certainly makes or breaks your web design.

This is the reason why you need to make a well-informed decision when it comes to choosing the right theme for your website. Now you may ask how can I make a well-informed decision during theme selection. Well, you need to check the following things in a theme before you finally buy it:

  • Offers a variety of customization options
  • Works perfectly with Gutenberg Block Editor and other page builders
  • SEO-ready
  • Translation-ready
  • Fully responsive

If you find these features in a theme, probably you have got the right theme for your website. But here we won’t be talking about general websites instead our focus would be on WooCommerce sites especially. We will take a detailed look at some of the popular WordPress themes around that have been developed keeping WooCommerce stores in mind.

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That aside, now let’s jump into the WooCommerce themes that will help you create a nice-looking professional web design.

5 Best WooCommerce Themes To Create An Alluring Web Design

1. Elementor

Elementor is an all-time favorite WordPress theme that offers all the features and resources you would need to create a standard WooCommerce website. This theme is so popular among users that if you notice the websites closely while theme hunting, you will come to know that many leading theme providers are using Elementor powered websites.

Though this theme is covered in just one color and portrayed as a one-page theme, you don’t need to compromise on the customization front. When you are creating an appealing web design with this theme for your WooCommerce store, it lets you easily customize the header, footer, logo, slider, testimonials, etc. Additionally, you don’t even have to be concerned about the responsiveness of your website because it offers a consistent web design experience on all devices.

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2. Zakra

Zakra is a cutting edge WordPress theme that allows you to create a plain and simple web design for your WooCommerce store. In this theme, you get all the essential features and functionalities that are needed to create an eye pleasing shopping site. What’s more, it shows the most important information about your website in the header that includes your contact details, menu bar, and logo.

Having such a user-friendly web design for your WooCommerce site will allow your visitors to easily interact with your brand. What’s also nice about the Zakra theme is that they work well with Gutenberg Editor and are better geared for search engine optimization.

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3. eStore

eStore is a powerful WooCommerce integrated WordPress theme that has a lot to offer when it comes to creating a custom online store.

They offer you features like:

  • Responsive web design
  • Customizable menu bar
  • Multiple layouts
  • Over 600 Google fonts
  • An elegant slider
  • 24/7 live support
  • And many more

This clearly means that you will be able to create a custom web design for your WooCommerce store easily when you choose the eStore theme. Although some people say that this theme is not beginner-friendly, we genuinely believe that you will have just fewer or no problems at all when using this theme for the first time.

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4. ShopIsle

ShopIsle is a solid WordPress theme that will give you a true inspiration when creating a user-centric WooCommerce store for your company. This theme will offer you a very neat and clean design, a full-screen slider, frictionless scrolling effect, and what not to help you create what you want. However, the most popular component in this theme is the shopping cart that is pretty easy to use and navigate.

Apart from this, ShopIsle offers a long list of features that will help you post a WooCommerce website quickly on the internet. They are:

  • Simple contact form for your customers
  • Translation-ready pages
  • Nice-looking product displays
  • Attractive animations
  • Social media plugins
  • And a whole lot more

With so many features in a single package, I think you can easily create a jaw-dropping web design for your store that your visitors will like.

5. Shopper

Shopper is one of the prominent WordPress themes on this list that offers minimal web design for your online store. It puts most focus on showcasing your products neatly so that it compels your visitors to quickly buy your products. In this theme, you will also find a simple central menu on the right of the page that includes a user-focused search bar with many other options.

In addition to that, you get a smooth browsing experience with this theme as it offers a grid layout for product display and a “load more” button to show more products to your users. That’s not all, it also offers responsive web design for WooCommerce site builders and a request for an email subscription option to enhance your interaction with your customers.

So, Which One Is The Best WordPress Theme For Your WooCommerce Store?

I have told you earlier that themes make a direct difference to the look and feel of your website and I hope now you know how it happens, right? So, this is the main reason why you should think carefully before choosing a WordPress theme.

And since every business around the world has an online presence, it is absolutely necessary to make your site stand out from others. That’s where these WooCommerce integrated WordPress themes need to be considered. I suggest going through each of the themes discussed above very carefully and look for the designs and features that suit your WooCommerce website. In case you don’t like the web designs offered by a couple of themes I suggest giving a try to its customization options or simply use other popular WordPress themes like Elementor or ShopIsle.

Do you have any questions about WooCommerce integrated WordPress themes? We want you to ask us and clear whatever the doubts or confusion you have. Besides that, if you like to enhance your current website you can contact SFWP Experts to avail of services like custom web design, web development, software development, internet marketing, search engine optimization, and the rest. Remember that we are the top most web design company in Los Angeles that has a dedicated team to cater to a variety of clients with full satisfaction.    

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