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Watch Bloodshot online free Putlocker, I really enjoyed the concept of Bloodshot. He is a US soldier that was relentless and determined to complete his mission. He has some characteristics of a cross between Wolverine and The Punisher. Like Wolverine, Bloodshot is a soldier who went through genetic enhancement, and in Bloodshot's case, it is in the form of nano technology that gives him the ability to instantly heal and super strength. Like The Punisher, Bloodshot has the tactical training to take down an entire security team without breaking a sweat. But the name Bloodshot was not suitable for the character; I would have been more content with another name for him.

CGI was very good, the plot was interesting, me and my girlfriend really liked it, I’d give it a 8/10 but it doesn’t deserve all the bad reviews so I’m giving it a 10/10. I’d recommend seeing this if you like action Movie Bloodshot but during the beginning there was a lot of fast cuts going on that made it hard to follow the fights but it didn’t really matter.

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