Bookafy Affiliate Program - 25% commission FOREVER

Bookafy Affiliate Program lets you earn commissions (money, not just credits) by referring users to Bookafy. It’& rsquo; s a terrific method to create additional earnings while sharing your love for Bookafy!

Who can sign up with?

Everybody! There is no application process. You put on’& rsquo; t even require to be a Bookafy customer (although it’& rsquo; ll offer you lots of advantages).

You will especially be an excellent fit if you & hellip;

  • Love Bookafy
  • Run a company
  • Have a sizable audience
  • Online Marketing Business
  • Integrated software application supplier (CRM, etc)

How does the program work?

  1. Share your link —-- Each partner gets a distinct recommendation link. Share it with your network, followers, or customers.
  2. Recommendation joins Bookafy —-- When somebody sees your link and ends up being a paid Bookafy client, it’& rsquo; ll count as an effective recommendation
  3. . Get rewarded — -- Get a 25% repeating commission on every referral you bring (see more in Reward area)

Referral Tracking

How are referrals tracked?

Each partner will get a distinct referral link. When individuals click on your link, we will utilize cookies to determine them for 90 days. When they register and pay, they’& rsquo; ll be counted as your referrals.

90 days!

In your Partner Dashboard > >

Yes, beside your default link, you can also create brand-new relate to customized URL by going to Partner Dashboard > > Links > > Create a Custom Referral Link

We suggest that you ALWAYS cover your referral link in link text. Do not merely display the link URL by itself. For examples:

  • Bookafy is the no. 1 visit reservation app ✅
  • Bookafy is the no. 1 consultation booking app: Bookafy. xxx

Yes, you can develop approximately 50 custom-made links by going to Partner Dashboard > > Links > Create a Custom Referral Link

Please note that only landing pages starting with “& ldquo; & ldquo; or “& ldquo; & rdquo; will track visitors.

How can I see my recommendations?

In your Partner Dashboard > > Referrals My recommendations are

not getting tracked properly There are lots of reasons recommendations don

& rsquo; t get tracked. For instance: They obstruct’cookies or tracking

  • code They clicked somebody else & rsquo; s link after clicking yours They have actually cleared internet browser cookies They visit, registered,
  • and total e-mail confirmation on various
  • gadgets or web browsers. They saw your link but never ever clicked it, and later on visited our website through another channel There isn & rsquo; t much we can do to help with the above cases. If you believe

a referral’is not recommendation due to reasons not stated above, please specified an email to with the e-mail information: Your email info PartnerStack Referral & rsquo; s email on Bookafy Referral & rsquo; s signup date Supporting details e.g. proof that this is a customer account you are managing, screenshots & hellip; etc Please note that only

  • demands with complete details
  • will be helped. I & rsquo; ve referred other
  • clients previously, do they count First of
  • all, thank you so much for referring consumers-- we value it a lot. We can not retroactively credit

past referrals due to both previous reasons as well as keeping factors program fair for everyone

.’ Reward 20%commissions on Starter & Professional plans

-- for as long as the clients have active memberships. 20%commissions on Business plans-- approximately 5 months. We will also have one-off campaigns from time to time. Stay tuned! Is there a limit to just how much I can earn in overall? Nope, the more the better! I run & a company, can I likewise — make commissions on clients I bring? Definitely! Customers you bring to Bookafy will likewise count as recommendations as long as they sign up through your link. If you — & rsquo; re developing a brand-new account on a customer & rsquo; s behalf, make sure you open the link in incognito/private mode. Please do not create an account on a customer & rsquo; s behalf using their email. You must visit recommendation link >

sign up > complete email verification

all on the exact same device & internet browser. If you register for a customer, and ask him/her to open the

email verification

link, the recommendation will not be tracked. We advise you to inspect in your P artner Dashboard > Referrals to make sure the signup is tracked correctly prior to upgrading. How can I track my earning? 2 ways: Partner Dashboard > Withdrawals & rewards(also consist of other

affiliate programs you & rsquo; ve joined on PartnerStack )Partner Dashboard > Reporting What does it mean when a benefit has & ldquo; Pending & rdquo; status? It indicates that the benefit has been made but not yet paid

out to you. It will be launched on the 13th of next month (from earning date). See more in Payout. What does it suggest when a benefit has

& ldquo; Declined & rdquo; status? It indicates the clientyou referred has cancelled within our 7-day evaluation period. -- Each partner gets a special recommendation link. Each partner will get an unique referral link. We suggest that you ALWAYS cover your recommendation link in hyperlink text. Clients you bring to Bookafy will also count as recommendations as long as they sign up through your link. If you sign up for a client, and ask him/her to open the

email verification

link, the referral will not be tracked.