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      Elliot Temple

      I'm an American philosopher. I like Objectivism, capitalism and Critical Rationalism. I make videos & write helpful explanations.

      30-day money back guarantee on all products! If you aren't satisfied, you get a refund, no questions asked.

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      Explore my products:

      • Philosophy
      • Epistemology
      • Critical Thinking
      • Karl Popper
      • David Deutsch
      • Writing
      • Reason
      • Screencast
      • Education


        Yes or No Philosophy


          Atlas Shrugged Chapter 3 Close Reading


            Podcast: Getting Your Life and Thinking In Order


              Educational Videos: Reading George Reisman's book on Marxism and Socialism


                Videos: Reading The Dream of Reason


                  Video: Thoughts on Tolerance and Hostility


                    Screencasts: Philosophy Emails – July 2018


                      Behind the Scenes: How I Make Videos


                        Writing Philosophy Emails – April 2018


                          Writing Philosophy Emails – April 2018 #2


                            Videos: Behind The Scenes: Philosophy Writing


                              Podcast: What To Read – with Alan Forrester


                                Podcast: What To Read – with Justin Mallone


                                  Video: Reading Hard Passages – Examples from Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics


                                    Fallible Ideas Extras


                                      Video: Elliot's Thoughts on Pricing


                                        Podcast: Liberalism and More – with Justin Mallone


                                          Podcast: Children Should Make Decisions


                                            Podcast: Helping Children Become Independent


                                              Notes on Leonard Peikoff's Philosophy of Education Course


                                                Notes on Leonard Peikoff's Grammar Course


                                                  Videos: Objective Knowledge, by Karl Popper, Chapter 1


                                                    Eli Goldratt Screencasts