How to Choose a Website Design and Development Company

Whether you have started a new business, or are planning to revamp your existing business, it is important to have a website to establish your presence online. The era of traditional media advertising is now long over, and you need to level up your game by switching to modern outlooks of digital marketing. A company’s website is seen as one of the biggest assets in the present time as it is responsible for attracting a wide range of its customer base and also in reaching out to the exact audience your brand caters to.

It has also become quite easy to deploy your website these days since you can hire a web agency Toronto and let them handle it for you. Since having a website can be such a crucial part of business today, it is important for you to research well before you choose a website design and development company to deploy your website. Here are some things to keep in mind that will help you settle on an agency that is right for your business.

Visit Their Website

The website of the web agency will help you to learn a lot about their services and capabilities. While the template can certainly be a personal preference, it would give you an idea of whether they know how to design websites that would appeal to the target audience. You should also check if the website is responsive, whether it works just as well on mobile and how functional and fluid it is. You should also check for other facts such as fresh and engaging content, if the website is well marketed, and also if it shows up on top in search results as this will tell you how well your website will perform should they design it for you.

Take a Look at Samples

The portfolio of the company will also give you a fresh idea about the diversity of their work and how well they have been able to design the websites of other clients as well. In most cases, web design Toronto agencies will display their portfolio on their website as well. If you don’t see it, you can ask them for relevant samples that will help you to evaluate their skills and abilities. You should look for similar things as you did in the case of the agency’s website. However, it is important to ask for relevant samples for the kind of website you need. For example, if you run an online store, ask them for a sample of an e-commerce website.


There are several services that come under the umbrella of website design and development. It is important to check for the ones that are related with your business, along with some additional services relating to the management of your website. These include services such as domain services, security and protection, data access options, debugging, uploading content, graphic designing, and creating payment options. You can research and make a list of the services that would benefit your business before you speak with the company. This would help you to get a better analysis of whether they would be able to deliver what you need or not.


You need to check and ensure that the web deployment Toronto services offered by the agency fit your budget. We development is usually quite expensive, so it is advisable to get quotes from several different agencies before you are able to check if they are overcharging. Getting a detailed quote describing the cost of services is also useful as this can help you to request for those services instead of a complete package. However, if you do want a full package, it is possible to get a discount for the same. It is important for you to not compromise on quality for getting a lower price, and also to not create a hole in your pocket for an extravagant website. Finding the right balance between the two is important and will require research to discern.


Website maintenance is just as important as deployment, since a successful website needs to be regularly updated and maintained. This is also where the security and debugging services would play a major role since the agency should be able to fix any problems that show up round the clock, and protect you from malicious attacks such as DDOS. Getting maintenance and deployment from the same web agency in Toronto is going to be beneficial for you since it will help you to get a much better price for both services in one package. Maintenance services should also include regularly adding updated content and optimizing your website for search results using SEO techniques.

Check Reviews

Reviews by other clients will give you a good idea of how reliable the agency really is. A few complaints here are there are not something to worry about, but too many of them can be a red flag. The company has to be punctual with deadlines, willing to update with changes right after the review phase, and have good communication with the client. It is also possible to read the reviews of the brand on other websites or try to contact one of their previous clients for a detailed review. The agencies that pass this phase can be shortlisted as the best ones for your business.


A factor that many people overlook during the time of selecting an agency is how good it is at identifying current design trends and using those that would last. This would involve some knowledge of marketing and psychology which would be useful in designing the website as well as its content. With the help of these skills, the agency can better promote your website to your target audience and increase your conversion rates. You cannot fully depend on them for this and would require dedicated marketing services as well, but their knowledge of the field would help improve coordination.

There are many steps involved in the selecting the ideal website design and development company for your business. However, if you follow them through with a decent amount of research, you will definitely find the right one.