How to avoid scammers in a dating world!?

Find love in real life for many women and men can be quite difficult and than they try to find it at dating sites. However, in the virtual world you can find not only a life partner, but also get acquainted with a real fraudster, gigolos, a marriage con man and even a maniac.

What other common "hooks" exist in a world of online dating?

Here is a small part of the examples used by scammers:

You receive letters from a man in which he offers his love, promises a meeting with a subsequent marriage. You are having a stormy virtual romance, you already love him crazy, although you have never met before. But suddenly your friend has problems, starting with health, ending with problems of an anthropogenic nature, and he asks you to give him money to expedite your long-awaited meeting.

The images of the military, pilots, doctors, sea captains, and submariners are very popular among scammers.

Some scammers indulge in blackmail, threatening to tell their husband about the connection and pulling money from the victim, large amounts.

Well, and finally, the sensational method of fraud - "Nigerian letters." This is a mailing list from dying millionaires who overpromise for a little help

Fighting online fraud is almost useless. To fight virtual criminals in developed countries is spent large amounts of money and special units are created. But you can protect yourself by using trusted sites and read honest, independent reviews and analyzes of such sites using the HookupGeek service for example!