It could be that you have plans to replace your existing furniture with something more stylish and function at your office. The work/Study desk is definitely one of the important furniture that you need to consider changing, since it is used by employees for maximum hours. The modern ones do offer improved functionality and features, which in turn is sure to improve overall work productivity. You need to invest in desks that are height adjustable.

Reasons to select height adjustable desk

Reduces risks related to heart disease: Your employees need to sit at their desk for at least 8 to 9 hours every day. Constant sitting is not good for health and increases risk of obesity and heart disease. Physical activity, standing up and moving around frequently does help. But the traditional desk requires the person to sit in unnatural/awkward positions, thus causing leg pain, back pain, neck pain, head pain, etc. This only aggravates health issue and productivity. By installing Ergonomic desk at the office, such health issues and risks can be kept at bay and your employees are sure to be happy, satisfied and productive.

Healthy muscles: It is crucial to stand & exercise regularly. But standing alone is not likely to help much. The spine’s regeneration abilities also need to be activated. In this case, the muscles and spines move regularly to stay supple. Also position should be changed frequently to increase blood circulation to all parts of the body and promote healthy muscles. A well designed Study desk is the best solution to avail. It allows your neck and back muscles to relax significantly while switching between standing & sitting positions.

Protects knees, ankles and spine: Height adjustable desk is undoubtedly an ergonomic and cotemporary solution, when knees, ankles and spine is concerned. Such desks allows the user to stand and sit from time to time as desired, thus helping to keep the mind and body busy throughout the day, without getting tired. Moreover, complications arising in the shoulder, neck, joint and back area are reduced significantly. People in huge numbers are increasingly facing acute back problems even at younger ages. Proper posture and comfort offered by such desks promote work productivity and good health.

Promotes better mental activity: Since the height adjustable desk allows you to sit and stand as & when desired, you do enjoy 20% increased mental activity. A focused & alert mind allows you to tackle obstacles at work and improves work productivity.

Overall, investing in such furniture items is indeed a wise strategy to promote employee satisfaction and health.