Small Product Lab

As creators, it’s incredibly hard to build a platform, a reputation, and a living from scratch. The only real way to do it is to start—to put something small out into the world and go.

Small steps, big moves.

Through the course of ten bite-sized lessons, you’ll decide on a product, form your plan, and make it happen. On day eleven, you'll launch your small product. You’ll not only have your work out in the world; you’ll also be eligible to win a cache of tools and resources to help you build your creative business.

Here's what others have to say.

“It was fun being motivated by the email prompts and seeing what others were doing and sharing resources. Not only that—I FINALLY SHIPPED THIS! I've been thinking about this idea for a couple of months, but I lacked the time to put it together.”

D.J. Coffman

Comic Artist & Writer

"Any time I would lose steam, I would look on the FB page and see what everyone else was creating, and it didn't seem so overwhelming and unattainable to complete the tasks. Also, the time constraint was really helpful. It forced me to have to make decisions instead of ruminate over tiny details for forever"

JD Furman

Indie-Pop Musician

"The deadline-driven aspect of it really pushed me to think through not only a viable product, but also take it from 'speck of an idea' to 'shipped' faster than anything I've ever done before. Just three weeks after starting the challenge I had made over $780!"

Mike Vardy

Writer & Productivity Strategist

Great work gets better with great help.

We’ve assembled a team of three alumni-mentors to help guide you through this challenge. All have experience building and shipping products and have gone through the Small Product Lab themselves. You'll be able to interact with them in an exclusive Facebook group.

Stephanie Gonzaga

Creative Writer

Drawn by the magnetic pull of words, Stephanie dedicates her life to writing, creating, and sharing her work with the world. She published The Solo Creative's Guide to Trello through the Small Product Lab.

Chris Hawkins

Software Developer & Podcaster

Chris is the author of Record & Release, a guide for first-time podcasters. You can find him online hosting Chasing Product, a podcast helping freelancers learn to launch products.

Nicole St. Germain

Creator & Entrepreneur

Nicole is a certified note-taking geek and she wants to help you Take Better Notes. Nicole founded her business, Take Better Notes, in the midst of Gumroad’s first Small Product Lab.

There is a contest to help you, too.

Is your product small, simple, and complete? Did you inspire others to create?
 If you completed the assignments, launched on time, and contributed to the Facebook group, you’re eligible for our prize package.

Now, get ready to start creating.