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From cold start to launch in 14 days

This guide, based on our quarterly challenges, walks you through the entire process of creating a product. You'll learn how to pick a topic, build a landing and product page, and outline, create, and launch your product. Use the guide at your own pace or try to get it done in two weeks!

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Build an audience that no one can take away

Tired of battling the algorithms on social media sites? Building an email list is a great way to have direct access to the people who care the most about your work. This five-day guide breaks down creating a lead magnet, growing your list, and selling to your email audience.

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Gather momentum

Skyrocket your sales with proven strategies

Make a sale every day with these top tactics. You'll learn how to write an effective sales page, how to run a successful sale, creating a bonus that will get more sales, how to drive traffic to your product while you sleep and more.

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